Paul Balmer


*Ron Anderson
*Aureo Antunes
*Anna Bocek
*Juan Franco
*Romaya Puchman

*Harris Gulko
*Lesley Kring
*JoJo Razor
*Scott Andrew Spencer
*Manuela Valenti

*Shiou-Ping Liao
*Ruben Nusz
*Olga Sugden
*Carol & Imran Mian-Starr
*Mark Planisek

*Masaaki Sato
*Sheila Leonella Minano
*Marco Jasso
*Diego Manuel Rodriguez
*Masaaki Noda

*Younghee Choi Martin
*Agustin Bilbao
*Marie-Laure Souq
*Pinggot V Zulueta
*Jean-Luc Bohin

*Andrij Korchynsky
*Sonja Kobrehel
*Jong Pairez
*Marijana Zebeljan
*Johnson dollner




Thank you for your submissions to “The Best of 123Soho 2006”.

Thank you for your submission to “The Best of 123Soho”. We received approximately 1385 submissions, from which we intend to select 30. The first 5 winners will be announced on February 1, 2005 at which time we will also display the first 5 artists. A press release will accompany each of the six displays.

The show will be curated by Chin Chih Yang




Congratulations to Paul Balmer on two of his artworks being sold.

Again, Two artworks of Paul Balmer has recently sold through 123soho website. This certainly is a great achievement in Paul Balmer's artistic recognition.







We are currently gearing up for "The Best of 123Soho 2007" art show and thank you for your participation in the 2005 and 2006 exhibit.

Thank you for your participation in “The Best of 123Soho 2005” contest. We are currently gearing up for the 2007 exhibit, scheduled to start on February 1, 2007 . If you would like to participate, here are the requirements:

  • You need to have at least 5 images on your Home page.
  • Your contact information must be updated!
  • We will accept any Media.
  • Any work submitted between January 1st , 2006 and Dec. 31st , 2006 will be considered.

The list of participating categories includes: Individual Artists, Feature Artists, and Free Posting.

"The Best of 123Soho 2005" Art Show
The 30 winners

Ron Anderson

Aureo Antunes

Anna Bocek .

Juan Franco

Romaya Puchman

Harris Gulko

Lesley Kring

JoJo Razor
Scott Andrew Spencer

Manuela Valenti

Shiou-Ping Liao

Ruben Nusz

Olga Sugden

Carol & Imran Mian-Starr

Mark Planisek

Masaaki Sato

Sheila Leonella Minano


Diego Manuel Rodríguez

Masaaki Noda

Younghee Choi Martin

Agustin Bilbao

Marie-Laure Souq

Pinggot V Zulueta

Jean-Luc Bohin

Andrij Korchynsky

Sonja Kobrehel

Jong Pairez

Marijana Zebeljan

Johnson dollner