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While on a cruise recently I lost an auction on a painting by a Russian husband and wife team. They both worked on the painting writing little love notes to each other in the margins and throughout the piece. I was wondering if anyone could help me locate the names of these artists in the hopes that I might have another chance to obtain their work.

#284Yvonne Lecky
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What do you know about the artist, Jose Luis Campuzano who was born in Bilbao, Spain. I read that he had lived and worked in both Latin America and the United Staates

#283Faye Martin
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I have a signed, unnamed Roberto Lupetti painting signed on the back with thumb print and the numbers R-73-205. I would like to know something about the painting and where I can have it appraised.

#282Sr. Marj Westendorf
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I would like to get in touch with the artist Deborah Zeller (colored pencil, religious drawings). I have bought some of her beautiful pictures before at religious workshops. Our school would like to purchase her Resurrection picture for our Chapel. How do I contact her? Thanks!

#281Valerie Vandell
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I am going to describe what I am inquiring about: Metal sculpture that when the metal weight at the bottom is set into a swaying motion the top elements change position, i.e.: a whale's spout fountains with the backwards motion and the mouth opens with the forward motion... what is this called? (These scultures remind me of weather vanes & mobiles)

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in what way is a painting superior to a photograph?

#279Pauline Lionel
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how does lin onus's fruit bats represent white and aboriginal cultures???

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who is Severine in the painting of that name by Louis Welden Hawkins.?

#276mj nielson
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How do you tell the difference between an original oil painting and a print. We have a Max Hayslette that we purchased and it feels rough to the touch but it could be a print.

#275donna kierstead
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My son recently came across a print by andrew weyth, its titled spring sun dry brush , collection of mrs andrew wyeth 1958. any info would be great.

#274Karen Reese
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I have 2 currier and Ives prints, one is titled the American Homestead Spring and the other the American Homestead Spring. On the bottom of the painting it states that it was entered according to the act of Congress in 1869. I am interested in knowing the value of these items.

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How was Lin Onus's Fruit Bats made?

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How was Lin Onus's Fruit Bats made? I need a quick response cause i have to hand the assignment in soon......PLEASE HELP. Any help is appreshiated!

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Where do artists in New York hang out? Can anyone name some specific places like bars, parks, cafes etc... where artists often gather or mingle?

#270Roy Lochrie
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I have a painting by Fredrick Morgan and its called Childhood Sweethearts, on the bottom right hand corner its got a mark of two little pears in a circle. Can anyone tell me what the mark is and how I can find out about it. cheers Roy

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I am trying to find the title and artist's name of my favorite picture...I thought it was a Monet but I can't seem to locate it. It is in a garden/park...a woman is sitting and a man is laying down with his head in her lap. Please help.

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Hi, I have a oil painting, signed m. rice, in 1923, the painting depicts a young girl. Any information regarding this artists or value would be greatly appreciated.

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I have a print with Roberto Lupetti's name on it. It is a picture of a bugle and a piece of sheet music. I bought it about 40 years ago. Does anyone know what it might be worth today? Thanks.

#266Patrick McMahon
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Does anybody know the best way to
polarize my north light 900W copy
lights? The application will be
capturing artwork with a better light
capturing system. If anyone knows
where to get some filters please let me
know. Thank You

#265Patrick McMahon
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Does anybody know the best way to
polarize my north light 900W copy
lights? The application will be
capturing artwork with a better light
capturing system. If anyone knows
where to get some filters please let me
know. Thank You

#264Patrick McMahon
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Does anybody know the best way to
polarize my north light 900W copy
lights? The application will be
capturing artwork with a better light
capturing system. If anyone knows
where to get some filters please let me
know. Thank You

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I am looking for a painting. There is a woman wearing
a long black dress (old time funeral dress with veil), standing over a grave
in the cemetary. There is a church in the background (upper left from woman)
with people standing close to the door.
It was last seen at The Gilcrease Museum in Oklahoma 10 years ago. I contacted the museum and there records didn't go back that far. At the time this painting was about $500. I would really
like to find this painting. Any help please.

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I have a print of the painting "Blind Man's Buff" by Frederick Morgan. Were there not many of these prints made as I cannot locate any commercially on the internet.
I would appreciate any input on this.


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As an Artist, We have a responsibility to discuss Christo work.
Christo's Gates=The Home Depot=?Art=Art Pollution by Chin Chih Yang

#260John Greenland
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Does anyone have an agent? How do you get one? ANY help would be appreciated!

#259Sue Jones
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I am looking for Andew Weyth print of dog on bed> Can you help?

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rhythmic balances? What is the difference between simple, composite, or complex?

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What is the objective and subjective purpose of the drapery in the Aphrodite figure?

Replies: 1
What is the objective and subjective purpose of the drapery in the Aphrodite figure?

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i have two paiting byl L.KEERY and SALLY,can you tell mi more

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I have a black and white(maybe carcoal) lithograph named the "calavary" it's a young Arabic man
sitting on the edge of a terrace with 2 young women(Arabic). Kneeling against him. It's old and looks like a very treasured piece of artwork. Could someone help me find the artist, or maybe a suggestion of where I could find this information. Thanks,

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I have a painting by an german artist name A.Heinrich. I have spent the last three days trying to gather information about the subject. The title say's night scene. I see that it was originally sold at an auction because of the auction number on the back of the painting. I see that there are a few artist with the last name Heinrich can anyone assist. I have photo's that I can send. Thanks

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I'm looking for abstract artworks by Ceasar Domela (Dutch artist, lived in Paris for a very long time).

#250Lori King
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I am looking for information on a E.W. Glover, who is an oil painter from around 1930, I own an art deco fireplace screen painted by him, and am curious about it's origins as it extremely unique

#249Frank Van Weezendonk
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I have two original paintings for sale:
- J.E. Roodenburg, at left signed HER'51, painting = Kockengen; painting depicts houses / 'gracht"
- J.E.Roodenburg, at left signed
Amsterdam 1955 HER, shows church tower, houses, "gracht"
- several original litho's from Roodenburg
If interested to buy., e-mail me back, and put in "Subject header": YOUR ROODENBURGS".

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I have two currier&ives prints. Both known as the darktown series. Ones is entitled"All broke up" and the other is entitled "A sure thing" I am interested in knowing the approximate value of them. I am not a dealer just a private person who aquired them. THey are dated 1880's and are medium size. Thank you...

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I have what appears to be a photo engraving of a little girl with a bowl and spoon by Bouguereau. It is signed in pencil and followed by the #44.Any info on this work would be appriciated

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I have an andrew wyeth signed print by him. The title is the olson's and it just says brandywine.I am trying to determine its value if anyone has any idea please send ne a response

#245jo weissman
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I have an oil painting by the American artist Frederick Kessel Does anyone have any info on how I can find its value?

#244jo weissman
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I have a David Porter lithograph and I'd like to get an idea of its value. It has some water stains around to edge. I live 45 min. from Manhattan, NY, does anyone know where I can take it for an idea of its worth? I'd like to sell it or donate it.

#243Terry Noack
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Am looking to find anything on an artist named Sebnars Alquist. Am in possession of a seascape painting by above named artist.The painting is enclosed in a frame made by Viggers and Hewett of Brokklyn, NY, circa 1920's possible. Thank you for any information.

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I have a painting that is signed Che
The only name I seem to be able to find that would match is Chuang Che. Did he sign his paintings like this? I can send a photo if needed. Thanks

#241Lucy Neville
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Hello,im a history of art student doing an essay on Giovanni Bellini,(VENITION RENAISSANCE ARTIST)and wondered if anybody out there knew who said "his study of light is such that one can depict season and even the hour of day"
i have to reference everything for this essay and i don't remember where i got the quote from or who said it!
please help if you can!

#240Chin Yang
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November 15th 2004 is the last date on which accepts submissions to ”The Best of 123Soho, 2005” art show. Starting with Monday January 3rd, 2005, we will display on the home page 5 artists per month every alternate month until we have shown the work of all 30 winners. The selections will be made from the submissions that we received. The winning artists will also be announced via press releases.

#239de giovanni luigi
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Avrei piacere che voi interveniate alla
mia mostra.
Cordialmente saluto Luigi De Giovanni



Federico d'Aragona, 4 LECCE
Tel. 339 4038939 - 339 5607242
INAGURAZZIONE Sabato 4 Dicembre
2004 alle ore 18.30
la Mostra rimarrà aperta fino al 4
Gennaio 2005
Orario di Galleria dalle 17.30 alle

di Ambra

“Io sono convinto che il nostro fratello
che vive nel sottosuolo lo si debba
tenere alla cavezza.
Si, perché per quanto egli sia capace
di restarsene lì zitto nel sottosuolo
foss’anche per quarant’anni, il giorno
che vien fuori non ce la fa proprio a
trattenersi, si mette a parlare, parlare,
parlare… alla fine, signori miei: è
meglio non far niente! È meglio la
consapevole inerzia! E dunque evviva
il sottosuolo!” (F.Dostoevskij)

Dal caos nasce la vita che si consuma
nella lotta. “J’accuse” urlano nella loro
fissità motoria i jeans di De Giovanni,
divenuti vuoti involucri senza corpo
dove la storia è scritta a lettere
maiuscole, dove la parola si perde nel
silenzio. Eravamo abituati e leggere
nelle opere di De Giovanni il grido
della rivoluzione e l’avvertimento che
tutto poteva finire nella
controrivoluzione. Eravamo abituati a
leggere: LIBERTA’, CAOS,
usati come tela su cui tesseva con il
colore il suo dissenso verso una
società che stritola la libertà dell’uomo
a favore dell’interesse individuale, del
capitalismo. Era il suo parlare. Parole
come colori o colori come parole
invadevano l’azzurro del cielo
stracciando di rosso il giorno, le vele
gonfiate dal vento dell’ideale
solcavano i mari della speranza.
Parole segnavano l’orizzonte ed il
nero marcava la circolarità della vita e
definiva il pensiero. Parole, tante,
numerose come compagni nei cortei.
Oggi il parlare di Luigi De Giovanni è
cambiato, il rosso, il blu, il giallo
brillante di un tempo si spengono
cedendo il posto alla notte, nessun
orizzonte trattiene la parola libertà. Le
parole sembrano reperti archeologici
del passato, menhir di MORTE
svettano tagliando in due la tela e
l’orizzonte è L’Urlo Nel Buio. Il grido
rivoluzionario indietreggia e le parole
lasciano il posto ai numeri: 50 7x7 49
… due per due quattro. Mi riporta alla
mente Dostoevskij quando in:
“Memorie del sottosuolo” dice “…forse
tutto lo scopo al quale tende l’umanità
consiste soltanto e per l’appunto in
questa perpetuità del processo del suo
raggiungimento, o in altre parole: nella
vita stessa, e dunque non nello scopo
considerato di per sé, - il quale scopo,
si capisce, non dovrà essere altro se
non appunto quel due per due quattro,
ovverosia una formula; in effetti quel
due per due quattro non è già più vita,
signori miei, bensì il principio della
Ed il 7x7 49 non è più vita ma il
principio della morte?
Dopo il 2 per due non rimane nulla, se
non la consapevolezza che ogni
azione si termina in un urlo nel buio,
mentre il pensiero affoga nell’infinito e
benché l’artista tenti di sprofondare nel
letto molle dell’inerzia, cercando di
sfuggire all’infinito, non riesce a
sfuggire al suo pensiero perché ne è
prigioniero e carceriere per scelta e
per bisogno. Ed anche i numeri
svaniscono e rimane l’uomo
abbracciato al ricordo: un gruppo di
nostalgici segna il passo dietro un
corteo trattenendo tra le mani una
vecchia bandiera lacera e stinta con
sopra scritta la parola libertà e benché
De Giovanni appenda la sua
rivoluzione ad una gruccia la dipinge
di rosso e il jeans dipinto sul jeans
diventa memoria. Aderenze
contestuali. Ma anche il due per due
quattro svanisce. Rimane l’uomo,
l’uomo che vola nel suo pensiero oltre
il limite imposto dalla forma, oltre il
limite di quella linea bianca
tratteggiata che compare su una tela,
quasi strisce pedonali nella memoria,
dove la parola libertà non è scritta ma
si legge e l’eco della rivoluzione
svanisce lasciando l’immagine piatta
di un jeans sul jeans.

Programma 2005
Venezia galleria d´arte"III Millennio"
Firenze galleria d´arte "Mentana"
Filadelfia "Fiera dell´arte" Presentato
dalla galleria d´arte "Mentana" di
Firenze Curricolo
Tel. 070 664489
Cell. 3283516620

Cordiali saluti Rosa F. Murgia

#236Francesca Gormley
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I have been told that not all work which fall
in the period of modernism is modern. Does
anyone understand this and have an example
to show it?

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i have a lithogragh of a chinese emperor and a young male, it has a spain seal and has arte chino lamina VIII palscio real de aranjuez - espana it also has the year 1974. any one with info please contact me.

#234d'andre dillard
Replies: 1
i have an ink on paper scroll(128.5cmx67cm)said to be of Tung Pang-ta(1699-1769)of the Ch'ing dynasty and i need any info on it. I also have another one but there were no papers with it and i don't know if they are authentic or not but would like to find out. thanks

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