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Exhibition Title: Contest Cartasia 2012
Exhibitor(s): Metropolis Arts Association
Exhibition Date: From 30/06/2012 to 29/07/2011
Opening Reception:
Gallery: Metropolis
Gallery Location:
Admission Fee:
Message: Point 1 - Aims
Metropolis Productions, along with the event “Cartasia 2012, Biennial of Contemporary Art” announces the 2012 Cartasia contest for paper and cardboard projects. Primary aim of the contest is to promote paper and cardboard as a raw material for artists. The contest emphasizes the production of paper and cardboard projects and is strictly bounded to the use of those materials.

Point 2 - Subject and purposes
Proposed projects must be predominantly made in paper or similar by product from recycling (such as cardboard, tubes, anime, etc). Everyone who wants to participate, individually or as a group, must apply by:
1) filling in the application form (and available online at, English version) Attention! The application forms are avalaible only online. To download it you have to register on the web site. If you’re already registered but you forgot your password you can get a new password on line by clicking the “forgot password” button. If you experience any kind of problem please contact Metropolis at or on the website forum.
2) sending the application form and the project before December 9th (Friday), 2011 via e-mail at or by mail at the address Metropolis, via dei Bocchi 241, 55018 Segromigno in Piano, Capannori, Prov. of Lucca, Italy.

Point 3 - Description of the project
There are no specific rules on how to present the project, but the project must clearly specify the following:

1) its placement;
2) the materials the artist intend to use
3) point 4 must be properly carried out

The organisers have located some urban sites that are suggested for the installations: communication on the sites will be avalaible at
Applicants selected by the jury will make the projects following point 8. The installations will remain on site for one month, in July 2012. There will be one winner, after the jury and audience will vote.
The winning project will receive 2.000,00 Euro prize.

Point 4 – Project specifications
• It's kindly suggested to respect the following volumes: projects should be at least 4 x 4 x 4mt.
Higher volume projects will be evaluated accordingly.
• The project has to be waterproof, fireproof, stable, immovable and must not endanger
public safety.
• Project must respect a general theme proposed by the organisers, that is, for 2012,
“Crisis and Rebirth”.
• It is strongly suggested to send along with the application a scaled model of the project
• Artists are invited to make installations that have a meaningful connection with the location and/or the theme. History, pictures and a virtual tour of the town of Lucca are available online at on the search engine of the site. It's easy to get access to the public squares selected for the exhibit.
• All participants (alone or in group) must apply with a single project.

Point 5 - Timetable and deadlines
1. Publishing of the contest's rules ( June 16, 2011
2. Questions December 1, 2011
3. The application form has to be filled in and sent via e-mail or mail to Metropolis, via dei Bocchi 241, 55018 Segromigno in Piano, Capannori, Prov. of Lucca, Italy.
not later than noon (12.00) of December 9, 2011
4. The list of the selected projects will be announced to participants via email and on the
website not later than February 1, 2012
5. The participants must then deliver the feasibility of the project (with drawings, plans, models, quantitative data, setting up process, assessments and costs, etc) not later than February 20, 2012
6. Selected artist will be advised via email and on the site not later than
April 2, 2012
7. Making of the projects, in Lucca: June 4/29 2012
8. Setting up of the structures, with the presence and participation of the artists, with assistants and under the coordination of Metropolis from
June 25 to 29, 2012
9. Opening of the Biennale June 30, 2012
10. Open air exhbit June 30 - July 29, 2012
11. Dismantling of the structures, not later than August 5 2012

Point 6 - Questions
All news and notifications will be online at: Metropolis will answer to any questions via email ( until December 1, 2011.

Point 7 - Jury and projects' selection
To evaluate and choose each project, the jury will look for functionality, feasibility and aesthetic means. The jury must start its work the day after the projects’ delivery deadline (December 9, 2011) and will communicate to all participants its decisions no later than february 1, 2012.
All projects will face a primary selection where consistency and adherence to the purposes and rules of the contest will be the first issue. All jury decisions are irrevocable. The organizing committee composes the jury and gives communication about it’s components on the website.

Point 8 – Making of the projects (feasibility phase)

All selected artists must ensure their presence and cooperation during the preparation, installation and dismantling of their project. They have to give an executive project of their idea within two weeks, by February 20, 2012.

The working phase.
All chosen artists will be invited by the organising committee in Lucca, and their accommodation and travel expenses will be covered. NO FOOD EXPENSES ARE COVERED. They will make the structures accordingly with the time schedule estimated in the executive project, and they’ll work in a place given by the organizing committee.

Selected projects will get the following:

• Assistance for the entire realisation
• 1 (One) assistant for 4 (four) days – (3 installation, 1 dismantling)
• 3 (three) transport – with Iveco daily truck / one for dismantling.
• Hardware store materials and wood to a max. of 400 (four hundred) Euro.
• Tools, spare parts, etc. to a max. of 200 (two hundred) Euro.
• Tools, wood and materials bought with the contribution of Metropolis are and stay property
of Metropolis.
• Paper and cardboard without limits.
• Artists are kindly requested to provide to every need that exceeds this amount by

Point 9 Calendar Deadlines
1 Publishing of the contest regulation June 16 2011
2 Questions dic 1 2011
3 Delivery of the application forms not later than dic 9 2011
4 Jury jan 1/31 2012
5 Results and communication to participants feb 1 2012
6 Executive project deadline feb 20 2012
7 Feasibility phase: mar 1/31 2012
8 Communication to participants apr 2 2012
9 Setting up in Lucca, Italy jun 4/29 2012
10 Exhibit jun 30/jul 29 2012
11 Dismantling until aug 5 2012

Point 10 - Intellectual propriety
All applicants give permission to the organizing committee to use the projects for exhibition, promotion and publication through all media necessary to promote the event. The winning projects will be used for all the purposes of communication programs: for the promotion to the corporate web site image, etc. The projects are and stay property of Metropolis.

Point 11 - Results and communication
The evaluation of the jury will be given to winning participants via mail or phone.
The organizing committee will have the last word on the placement of the structures.
The organizing committee will present the event “Cartasia 2012” to the press in different press conferences. Artists are invited to participate, where possible.

Point 12 - Personal data
The personal data given along with the application form will be treated by the organizing committee only to evaluate projects. All data will be held by Metropolis and given externally only to promote the event. Following Italian law 675/96 (treatment of personal data) an explicit approval to all participants is asked to manage and elaborate their personal data.
This approval is facultative but necessary to apply.
The participation imply full acceptance of this contest's regulation.

Lucca, June 2011


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