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Miodrag Andjelkovic
M iodrag Andjelkovic was born on April 6th, 1945, in Jelasnica (near Nis), Serbia. In 1970 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade in class of professor Miodrag Rogic, where he also completed his postgraduate studies, in class of professor Bosko Karanovic, in 1972, and received an award from a fond of Djodje Andrejevic-Kuna, for one of his prints.
In Belgrade, and all over Yugoslavia of that time, his work was exhibited in almost all art manifestations of some value. He is a member of ULUS, Lada, group A and The Association of Fine Arts Niš .
Beside many group exhibitions, he had his individual expositions in 1971, in Grafički kolektiv gallery, in Belgrade, then Kolarac University in 1977, The Cultural Centre of Belgrade in 1983 and 1987, also in cities like Nis (four times), Novi Sad, Skoplje, Bitolj, Cacak, Smederevo, Kraljevo, Leskovac...
He exhibits his work on regular basis in all European Biennials (Krakov, Belgrade, Varna, Sophia, Bitolj) as in every Biennial held in Zrenjanjin, and exhibition of drawings in Sombor, Belgrade, Nis, Bucharest, Zagreb...
Abroad, his work was exhibited in cities like Paris, Damask, Bucharest, Sophia, Zürich, etc.
He has received many valued prizes in domain of painting and printing, and is a proud owner of the Golden badge given to him by KPZ Srbija, for his contribution to the culture of Serbia.

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B uilding Architectural High school in Nis, Academy of Arts Belgrade Master's degrees
Solo Exhibition
& #1055;реведи са језика: босански
1971. Belgrade, Gallery of Graphic Collective
1972 Kraljevo, Smederevo Palanka, Gallery of the JNA (with Miroslav Andjelkovic)
1976 Nis, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, Gallery KNU
1980 Paraćin
1983. Belgrade, Cultural Centre, Skopje, Bitola
1985 Novi Sad
1986 Smederevo, Cacak
1988 Nis
1989 Krusevac, Vrnjacka Banja (with M.Rogićem and B.Džmerkovićem)
1990 Knjaževac
1991 Pozarevac
1994 Nis, Serbia Gallery (with Miroslav Andjelkovic)
1997 Belgrade Cultural Center Gallery
2000 Vranje, the National Museum
Group Exhibition
1 970 Belgrade graphic circle, October Salon, Art Colony in Ivanjica
1971 the newest member of the SAA, Exhibition world in which we live, Graphics young Yugoslav graphic designers, graphic Belgrade Circle, Spring exhibition ULUS, October Salon exhibition in Stara Pazova
1972 Exhibition of Yugoslav painters during the opening of power plant, spring exhibition of drawings, graphic Belgrade Circle, Exhibition world in which we live, October Salon
1973 Exhibition Ulus, the exhibition world in which we live, October Salon, group exhibitions in Nis, Cacak and Pristina
1974 Spring Exhibition of ULUS, Belgrade graphic circle of artists in the exhibition Nis Nis and Pristina, October Salon, Exhibition Nis artists in the Gallery of the Student Cultural Centre in Belgrade
1975 Exhibition of Nis artists, Spring exhibition ULUS, Belgrade graphic circle, Figure 75, October Salon, Exhibition Group A
1976 Exhibition of Seven at the National Museum in Leskovac, Spring exhibition ULUS Sićevačka art colony, October Salon, Meetings colonies in Subotica, Exhibition Group A in Vranje, Exhibition Nis Artist
1977 Belgrade Graphic Circle, Spring exhibition ULUS Exhibition Nis Artist

[item] in 1978. Spring exhibition ULUS Spring Exhibition LADE, The world in which we live, Exhibition Nis painter in Krusevac, Nis and Pristina
1979 Spring exhibition ULUS Spring Exhibition LADE, Belgrade graphic circle, wood carving in modern Serbian art in Belgrade and Cacak, Exhibition colonies in Sićevo
1980 Exhibition LADE, painters Exhibition Nis Nis, Yugoslav Art Colony in Lucerne (Switzerland), Ulus Exhibition in Bucharest, Exhibition Rhine, Aarau and Basel Exhibition 14 graphic artists from Belgrade in Kranj
1981 Exhibition of Nis artists, graphic circle Belgrade, the Yugoslav Exhibition of Art Colony in Lucerne
1982 Spring exhibition ULUS Spring Exhibition LADE, October Salon, an exhibition of fine artists in Nis Nis and Mostar, Contemporary Yugoslav Drawing in Jordan and Kuwait, Exhibition of Art Colony in Počitelj, Mostar and Sarajevo
1983 Spring Exhibition LADE
1984 Spring Exhibition SAA, October Salon, Art Colony Exhibition Sisak steel mill, an exhibition of artists from Nis, Exhibition LADE, Belgrade Graphic Circle
1985 October Salon exhibition SAA, Group Exhibition Award winners Djordje Andrejevic Kun in Belgrade and Sarajevo, Belgrade graphic circle, Exhibition Nis painter in Paris
Преведи са језика: босански
1987 Exhibition of Nis painter, Exhibition LADE
1988 Exhibition of Nis painter, Aquarelle Colony of Sava, LADE Exhibition, International Biennial of small prints in Milanovac, First Biennial of Yugoslav graphics in Belgrade
1989 Exhibition of the SAA, LADE Exhibition, Exhibition Nis painter, graphic Symposium in Vrnjacka Spa
1990 Exhibition of the SAA, Exhibition LADE, Spring Exhibition Nis painters Exhibition participants art colony Devojački well in Pancevo and Kovin, exhibition graphics colonies in Subotica, Exhibition colony Mountain 90, First and Second Biennial of Yugoslav graphics
1991 Exhibition of the SAA, LADE Exhibition, Exhibition Nis painter
1992 Spring Exhibition Nis painter, Exhibition SAA, LADE exhibition, exhibition graphics SARTID Symposium 1913 in Smederevo, the exhibition at the National Museum in Belgrade as the guest of action open a graphic studio, Second Biennial of Yugoslav graphics in Belgrade
1993 Spring Exhibition Nis painter, LADE Exhibition, Exhibition of Art Colony Sićevo
1994 Exhibition of Nis painter, Triennial of contemporary Yugoslav drawing in Sombor, Third Biennial of Yugoslav graphics in Belgrade
1995 Exhibition of Nis painter, Autumn exhibition of drawings, LADE Exhibition in Belgrade
1996 Exhibition of Nis painters Biennial in Belgrade Biennial small prints in Milanovac, Autumn exhibition of drawings
1997 Exhibition of Nis painter, graphic Belgrade Circle, International Print Biennial in Krakow, Belgrade graphic circle Biennial small prints in Barcelona, exhibition of small graphics in Sapporo, Exhibition Nis painter, exhibition colonies in Greece
1998 Exhibition of Nis painter, graphic Belgrade Circle
1999. Without art activities for NATO attacks on Yugoslavia
2000 Exhibition of Nis painter
2001 Annual exhibition of SAA Southeast Serbia, Exhibition colonies Eck, the XI International Biennial in Varna
2002 Exhibition of small prints NGK
2003 Annual exhibition of SAA Southeast Serbia, Exhibition colonies in Banja spa
2004 Exhibition of Fine Artists Niche, Exhibition from the fund GSLU Niš
2005 Annual exhibition of SAA Southeast Serbia, small graphics NGK
Honors / Awards
T he award for graphics from the fund Djordje Andrejevića-Kuna
Award shows the soldiers painters
Award at the October Salon in 1976.
Award colony in Ivanjica
Classic Award for 1995 graphics and painting in 1995.
Award at the Biennial of watercolor Zrenjanin 2000b.
Small Seal Award of Nis graphic circle

He was awarded the Golden Badge of KPZ Serbia

1986 produced the RTS director Bozidar Kalezić made a film spiritual world of the brothers Andjelkovic

1999 has been included in international bibliographic center in Cambridge-England

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