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Jukka Kettunen
Artist's Statement
I grew up in cold northern Finland, close to the snowy fields and frozen lakes. My painting career started with a spraycans and frozen fingertips in the early 90ís, I was inspired by and got involved with Finlandís graffiti scene and my enemy was grey concrete walls.

I Moved to London in 1998 to study art at Central St Martins. Alongside studying I worked as an Art Director in Londonís design and advertising agencies. In 2006 I rented a studio from north London, Stoke Newington and became full time visual artist which was my lifetime ambition.

Most of my paintings are abstract and I believe that beauty and purity can evoke calm and thought if you just take the time to stand and feel the emotion.

My latest Work "We are sound" statement:

Think about sound. What is sound? Everything is sound. Sound is everywhere, all around us.
I think that all visual art can be experienced as a sound, a song. If you look at a piece it gives you
feeling like good music. Whatever the feeling is, it always gives you something.

I try to create a rhythym and tranquility with my paintings. My main medium has always been oil colours. I play with hues, shades of colour and paint layers over another to give a painting a life and texture.

Sometimes I feel like Iím a composer and my instrument is painting. I create songs! Actually, I like the idea of people listening my paintings! :)

Iím painting Soul with a hint of jazz.

Jukka Kettunen
1 999 Ė 2001
Central Saint Martins, School of Art & Design, London

1995 Ė 1997
University Of Industrial Art & Design, Helsinki, Finland
Solo Exhibition
2 007:
18 January Ė18 February 2007
Oil Paintings at The Green Gallery
Clerkenwell Green, London EC1

18 September Ė 2 October 2007
Oil Paintings at The Foundry
34-86 Great Eastern St. (Old Street Tube)
London EC2A

-Currently looking for a gallery to exhibit my
new work...

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