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Pablo Weisz-Carrington
Artist's Statement

Exhibits and Illustrations listed by date 1968 first exhibit of drawings in the gallery of Juan de Dios Moreno, Mexico City. 1969, several drawings of mine were published in the literary magazine El Rehilete, as well as in the cultural magazine of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. 1968 major exhibit of drawings and watercolors in the Israeli-Mexican Cultural Institute. 1972, first exhibit of drawings in NY. Latin American Theater Institute in New York, organized by Ms. Joanne Potlitzer. 1975 Design cover and illustrate Leonora Carrington's book " The Hearing Trumpet 1982, exhibition of 150 drawings in the Centenary College Cultural Center in Shreveport, Louisiana, which was the opening exhibit of this cultural center. 1989, showed 20 drawings in pen and ink in the Venzor Gallery in Chicago. 1995 Solo show 180 drawings and watercolors at the Harlequin Gallery in Mexico City. June, 1995, showed three paintings along with other major Latin American Artists at the Brewster Arts Gallery in New York. December 1995. Many wood sculptures exhibited at Brewster Arts LTD June, 1996, first solo exhibit in New York where I showed about 50 paintings in acrylic at the Brewster Arts Gallery.NYC. June, 1997, Solo Show 70 acrylics and oil paintings, as well as tempera paintings, at the Galeria de Arte Mexicano in Mexico City. September, 1997, solo exhibit of 60 paintings at Brewster Arts Gallery in New York. November, 1997, solo show of 50 acrylics, watercolors and drawings, as well as bronze and wood sculptures at the Main Art Gallery in Richmond, Virginia. October, 5 1998, solo show of 15 bronzes and 50 watercolors in the Museum of the City of Aguascalientes, Mexico October 8, 1998, solo exhibit of 70 paintings and 15 bronze sculptures at the Emma Molina Gallery in Monterrey, Mexico. September 7 1999 solo exhibit of 50 acrylic paintings, several water colors, drawings and 30 sculptures in bronze at the Isidro Favela Museum in Mexico City September 30 and October 1999 a solo exhibit with several paintings at the Brewster Arts Gallery in New York . February 2000 .Completed the marionette "Stella" donated to the Mexican Children's Museum "Arte Objeto". February 7th 2001 Galeria "El Estudio" Mexico City. 100 new works, acrylics , sculpture. March 22nd 2000 Exhibition of 100 works at the Museo the la ciudad, Mexico City. April 6th 2001 4 acrylics in Surrealist Colaborative Exhibit "Caution on Orange", Lake Bolton, Micigan. July 16 to July 26 2001, Niche Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo, Japan Five Acrylics and Five water colors, exibit along with four other artists.
Contact Information

  Address: 490 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10013
Country: USA
Daytime phone: 212-226-2307 ext.123
Evening phone: 212-226-2307 ext.123

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