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Wedding Glitter I  
Mixed Media
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Mourning Flag  
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Don't Cry Norma Jean (from  
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The Floating World  

Stephen Mead
Artist's Statement
A resident of NY, Stephen Mead is a published artist, writer, maker of short collage films and sound collage CDs.
Solo Exhibition
2 014: December acceptance from "Bluestockings Magazine", for excerpts from "Fotheringay/Through the Maze" studies series
2014: "Dark Angel" film and image for Queen's Mob,
2014, Antigone's Map, The Compassion Project Anthology
2014: Images and Out-takes from "Our Spirit Life", The Journal of Creative Geography, The Montage Effect issue
2014, Images for Switched-on-Gutenberg, Weather issue
2014: Potluck Magazine, Some short collage films profiled
2014: "Impressions from the Land Of Beautiful Things (1)", Indiana Voice Journal, Essay and Image
2014: “According to the Order of Nature (We Too Are Cosmos Made)” Excerpts, Lime Hawk Review
2014: Image for cover of Four Quarters Mag, Big Love, Small Towns theme
2014: “According to the Order of Nature (We Too Are Cosmos Made)” Two Excerpts, Wilde Magazine
2014: Inversions series Excerpts, Agave Magazine (Published Fall 2014)
2014: "My Eyes" with "Our Spirit Life" Excerpt, Chelsea Station Editions
2014: “According to the Order of Nature (We Too Are Cosmos Made)” Excerpt, Cover for Enhance Magazine
2014: Image for The Picture Postcard Project, Inquire
2014: "Summer on Seine" and "Sides, (Catch, Catch the Angels Falling"), Chelsea Station Editions
2014: "According to the Order of Nature (We Too are Cosmos Made) excerpts, Outrider Review
2014: "Postcard to Putin" profile on Jesus in Love blog
2014: "According to the Order of Nature (We Too are Cosmos Made) excerpts, cover and interior, Enhance Magazine
2014: "Our Spirit Life" excerpts, Buried Letter Press
2013: “Our Spirit Life” excerpt, Spry Literary Journal
2013: “Billie’s Blues” cover, “Verse/Chorus: A Call and Response Anthology”
2013: “According to the Order of Nature (We Too Are Cosmos Made)” Excerpt, A Jar of Queer Feelings
2013: “Our Spirit Life Excerpt”, Compose
2013: “Our Spirit Life Excerpts”, Skive Farewell Issue
2013: “Postcards to Putin”, art activism post card campaign
2013: Nature Show, Pine Hollow Arboretum, “Our Spirit Life” excerpt
2013: Two Poetry/Art Hybrids, On The Rusk Magazine
2013: “Our Spirit Life Excerpt”, Star82 Review 1.4
2013: “According to the Order of Nature (We Too Are Cosmos Made)” Excerpts, mgversion2datura, erotic issue
2013: “Underwater Trilogy” excerpt: Subprimal
2013: 5 images Myth Theme, Paper Tape Magazine
2013: “Our Spirit Life” excerpts, Spaces Journal
2013: “Our Spirit Life” excerpts, Mixtini Mix
2013: “Threshold” image in The Quotable
2013: “Our Spirit Life” excerpts, South Florida Arts,
2013: “Swoon” painting, Glitterwolf Magazine
2013: “Our Spirit Life” excerpts published on Elbow-room, ayapublishing
2013: Work accepted for “Strange Glue 2” catalog, “Collage at 100”

2012: “Lenny Van Gogh” accepted for (T)our Magazine
2012: “According to the Order of Nature” images profiled on Enlightened Male 2000
2012: “From the Sea of Myths” excerpt on
2012: “Our Spirit Life” excerpts shortlisted for photo essay contest,
2012: “Underwater Trilogy” excerpts, accepted for HESA inprint Apocalypse theme, Finland
2012: “Our Spirit Life” excerpt accepted for White Wash Dreams
2012: “Our Spirit Life” excerpts accepted by Inkwell, “Lost & Found” issue
2012: “Our Spirit Life” excerpts, TOSKA magazine
2012: “Green Man Before Tyranny” accepted for Samhain issue, Hyacinth Noir. UK
2012: “Our Spirit Life” images in IMPRESS issue #4, UK
2012: Artist profile
2012: Pine Hollow Arboretum, Slingerlands, NY (Nature-themed art again)
2012: Two images, Citron Review
2012: Part of “Holy Lives” Exhibit, Therese A. Maloney Art Gallery, College of Saint Elizabeth, NJ
2012: Image, cover of Requiem Magazine
2012: “Our Spirit Life” image accepted in Cactus Heart
2012: “Underwater Trilogy” Images published in “We Are All Japan” anthology
2012: Harvest-themed images accepted for HESA inprint, Finland
2012: “Our Spirit Life” image accepted for Pubscriber
2012: Artwork accepted for Artistica
2012: Broadway Art Center, Heritage Show, Albany, NY
2012: "Drag" series images, Revival Journal, Ireland
2012: Artwork, cover of "Crack the Spine"
2012: "Our Spirit Life" image in Rose Red Review
2012: Artwork accepted for "Blue Lyra Review"
2012: Images from "Our Spirit Life" published by Meadowland Review
2012: Art accepted for "Strange Glue": Virtual Collage Exhibit
2012: Images accepted for Indian River Review
2011: Pine Hollow Arboretum, Slingerlands, NY (Nature-themed art)
2011: Off the Rocks Anthology (Cover Image)
2011, Diverse Voices Quarterly Vo. 3 (Time, Place, Place, Time Art)
2011: Qarrtsiluni, Imprisonment issue (How the Other Side…imagery)
2011: Eiphany Magazine,(Pandora Oceana Inverted)
2011: da2011! Festival, at institut für alles mögliche, Germany (Our Collage Life Video featured)
2011: Jesus in Love Blog (Kwan Yin is Coming Painting)
2011: “Reflections”, Albany Public Library, Albany, NY, “Best in Show”
2010: UNK Platte Valley Review (The Inheritance, And Like St. Francis IV)
2010: Front Range Review (Diana Diamanda Inverted)
2010: Therese A. Maloney Art Gallery, Kristallnacht Program (Mercy, Mercy, Mercy collage –film excerpts)
2010: H.O.D. (States of Desire of Being art)
2010: The Journal of Healing (2 Images & “Eating the Wound”)
2010: Small Matters Show, Edward Hopper House Art Center (3 excerpts from “Underwater Trilogy”)
2010: phat’I’tude Literary Journey (“The Regal Head” from “Washing the Body” series)
2010: Ruminate Magazine (Threshold image)
2010: Visual Poetry Mail Art Exhibit, Sky Lab, Ohio State University Libraries (Angel)
2010: Synchronized Chaos, Artist Profile
2010: litNimage, Artist Profile
2010: Referential Magazine (“David’s Drive” painting)
2010: Pens for Peace (Anthology for Haiti, cover & interior art)
2010: Artwork accepted for Spirits/Art Literary Journal, April issue
2010: Artwork accepted for “Make Art Not War” Group Show, The Dead Presidents Lounge, Albany
2010: Winner Gala Magazine “Thou Art Lucky” Painting contest
2009: Artwork in “A River, 400 Years”, Visions Gallery, Albany
2009: Work accepted for Davey Jones Gallery, Albany
2009: Art accepted for Romaine Brookes Pride Show, Albany
2009: Art accepted for Gay City: Volume II, Vincent Kovar, Editor
2009: Work accepted for cover of Cake “Women of Color” Summer issue
2009: Artwork accepted for Sunsets & Silencers, courtesy Duotrope
2009: Work accepted for Fragile Arts Quarterly, Moon Gaze Publishing
2009: The film “Cultures” premiered in A Peace of… Blog
2009: Art & film premiered in The Smoking Book, Blog
2009: The film “Into the Ocean” accepted for Annemarie Garden Smithsonian-juried exhibit, Maryland
2009: Multi-media work Previewed in Blue Turtle Crossing
2009: Artwork premiered in Jesus in Love Blog
2009: Artwork “Walk” accepted for
2009: Artwork premiered in La Fusta Magazine
2009: Artwork accepted for Thacher Nature Center, Voorheesville, NY
2009: Artwork accepted for Black Market Review
2009: Painting “We Float” accepted for the cover of Collective Fallout
2008: “From Victim to Victory” Show, bjsartworks, Glens Falls, NY
2008: Painting “Mourning Flag” accepted for cover of Breadcrumb Scabs
2008: Art accepted for
2008: Photography accepted for River Poets Journal
2007: “Nudes & Foods” show, Bad As At Gallery, Albany
2007: Erotica Show, Romaine Brooks Gallery, Albany
2007: work published by international carnival of pozitivities
2006: film “For Christy Brown” shown by Slam Idol Podcast, U.K.
2006: Illustrated fantasy chapbook “Tree Companions” accepted by Universe Pathways Magazine, Greece (Later released by Author/Artist via Lulu and Amazon.)
2006: "Not Stopping For Death" excerpts released in Evolving Editions Illuminations Anthology,
2006: "Quilt Suite" excerpt blogged by Ron Hudson for International Carnival of Pozitivities
2006: work from "The Arena" series accepted by Shaun Levin, editor, Chroma: A Queer Literary Journal, PO Box 44655, London N16 0WQ
2006: Two images from "Picnic" accepted by artist Sinasi Gunes for Global Warming show, Turkey
2006: "Quilt Suite" premiered at Digital Film Festival IZOLENTA/'06, St. Petersburg, Russia
2006: work accepted for Caladan Gallery, "The Birth Of Worlds" show
2006: Artist profile by Anna Trefoni at linkarte
2006: "Weightless" film now archived at The Department of Culture of the Vinaròs Town Council and Hermeneia
2006: Paintings presented for "Garden Show", Fulton St. Gallery, Troy, NY
2006: Image accepted for '50 States Project'
2006: Work accepted for 'Bad As Art' Gallery, 316 Delaware Ave, Albany, NY
2006: Work accepted for 'Dead Of Winter' show, Upstate Artists Guild, 247 Lark St., Albany, NY
2006: work accepted for 'Re-flowering The Garden: Women And Nature', Mill Pond House Gallery, 660 Route 25A, St. James, NY
2005: Weightless' as a film accepted by
2005: work accepted for
2005: work accepted for Exhibition at Sand Lake Center for the Arts, NY
2005: work accepted as finalist for International Itinerant Exhibition M.I.A.D. Venado Tuerto
2005: two pieces accepted for An Advent of Art, North Pointe Cultural Arts Center P.O. Box 772 Kinderhook, NY 12106
2005: work accepted for
2005: work accepted for
2005: Shadowboxing', new art for June Pride Month at Romaine Brooks Gallery, Albany, NY
2005: work accepted for
2005: work donated to 'Art Saves Animals', The Mohawk & Hudson River Humane Society
2005: 'Blue Heart Diary' image accepted for 'Welcome', The Romaine Brooks Art Gallery, 332 Hudson Ave., Albany, NY
2005: work accepted for 'Seeing Red II', Studio 8, Kingston, NY
2004: Artist Profile in Dystinct Art
2004: work accepted in 'One Shot', Albany Visitor’s center, 25 Quackenbush Square, Albany, NY
2004: work accepted for Flashquake,
2004: E Book publication of 'We Are More Than Our Wounds' (Later incorporated into “Selected Works”, Lulu & Amazon)
2004: work accepted for
2004: work accepted for Studio 8, 504-516, Broadway, 2nd fl, <8, Kingston, NY, 12404
2004: work accepted for Clifton Park Art’s Caravan c/o Laura Thompson, Ed.D.
Associate Curator of Exhibitions & Education at MASS MoCA 1040 MASS MoCA Way North Adams, MA 01247
2004: Aoife’s Kiss, online and print edition, Cover image
2004: 'Drag' collages on display via The Poetry Cubicle 4 Malvern Grove Withington Manchester M20 1HT
2004: work accepted for 'Inner Visions', Visions Gallery, 40 North Main Ave., Albany, NY 12203
2004: work accepted for 'Seeing Red' show, Studio 8, 504-516 Broadway, 2nd fl, <8, Kingston, NY, 12401
2003: work accepted for cover image of Slow Trains Literary Journal
2003: “Body as Landscape” image accepted for Suspect Thoughts Press
2003: 'Blue Heart Diary' work accepted for Babel Magazine
2003: work accepted for Miss Mary’s Arts Space, 'Meantime Show', at RPI, Troy, NY “Washing the Body' on display thru conjunction with World Aids Day. Thank you J. Eric Smith. One piece held over thru Easter.
2003: work accepted at
2003: Cover image for
2003: work accepted for Studio 8 Gallery, 508 Broadway, 2nd FL., 8, Kingston, NY 12401 Thank you Patti Gibbons!
2003: 'From The Sea of Myths' series accepted for
2003: 'Drag collage excerpts accepted by
2003: 'Heroines Unlikely' accepted by The Gutenberg Litegraphic Society, 1st place in picture-story category, Pictures&
2003: 'Thirty-one Kisses', accepted at erosguide
2003: 'The Drag Series' accepted for
2003: work accepted for Violenceonline Festival,
2003: Work accepted for Off-Course
2003: work accepted at Artists For Peace, Justice & Civil Liberties
2003: 'Washing The Body' series, Visions, 40 No. Main Ave., Albany, NY 12203
2003: 1 piece selected for Vineyard Cafe Gallery, 11 Herbert Dr., Latham, NY
2003: work accepted for
2003: work accepted for Ken*Again
2003: Work accepted for Nuvein. Now online
2002: 'Mourning Flag', grey scale, in forthcoming 'Bathtub Gin'
2002: 1 piece from 'States of Desire, States of Being' accepted for forthcoming 'Black Bird',c/o The Carolina, 112w. university pkwy., 1G,Baltimore, Md,21210
2002: artwork accepted for doodasite
2002: 2 pieces from 'Thirty-one Kisses' accepted for forthcoming 'Indented Pillow', Box 3502, Camarillo, CA 93011
2002: 1 piece from 'Sea of Myths' series accepted by Schoharie County Arts Council Regional Show, PO Box 730, 589 Main St. 2, Cobleskill, NY 12043
2002: Print of 'Once The Blue Angel' donated to ART FOR AIDS SAKE, Thurs. Nov 14, 2002, Albany Institute of History & Art, 125 Washington Ave., Albany, NY
2002: Work accepted ''
2002: 2 pieces from 'States of Desire, States of Being' accepted at 'Erosha'
2002: Members Show, Visions Gallery, Albany, NY
2002: 3 pieces from 'States of Desire, States of Being' accepted in 'Our Journey' magazine, 202 SE 188th Ave. 9, Portland, OR 97233
2002: 1 print from 'Weightless', 2 prints from 'Drag' accepted by 'Crimson Leer', 8772 rt. 80, Fabius, NY 13063-9769
20002: 2 pieces from '31 Kisses accepted by 'Love's Chance', PO Box 60336 Worcester, MA 01606
2002: 1 piece from 'Because I Could Not Stop For Death' series accepted by Hidden Oak, PO Box 2275, Philadelphia, PA 1910 Cover image. Now in print!
2002: 1 piece from 'States of Desire, States of Being' accepted by Premiere Generation Inc.
2002: Several title pieces from e-books incorporating both image & text accepted by
2001: 3 pieces from 'Washing The Body' series accepted in Medicinal Purposes, 86-37 120th St 2D, Richmond Hill, NY 11418
2001: 1 piece from 'States of Desire, States of Being' forthcoming 'Skidrow Penthouse', 44 Corners Rd., Blairstown, NJ 07825
2001: 'Washing The Body' series, Dec. '01, Jan. '02, The Mandala Center, Shaker Park West, Albany
2001: 2 pieces from 'Blue Heart Diary' forthcoming Cold Mt. Review, Dept. of English, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC 28608
2001: Mandala Center Rear Gallery, Albany, June-July '01
2001: 1 print from 'Blue Heart Diary' in forthcoming 'Limestone Circle', PO Box 453, Ashuburn, VA, 20140-0453
2001: 'Weightless' print cover of forthcoming 'Samasara' magazine, PO Box 367, College Park, MD, 20741-0367 Now in
2001: 1 print from 'Weightless' series forthcoming 'Iconoclast', 1675 Amazon Rd., Mohegan Lake, NY 10547-1804
2001: 1 print from 'Blue Heart Diary' in forthcoming 'Nomad's Choir', C/O Meander, 30-15 Hobart St., Woodside, NY 11377
2001: 6 prints from 'Weightless' series in forthcoming 'The Storyteller', 2441 Washington Road, Maynard, AZ, 72444
2001: 1 piece from 'Blue Heart Diary' series in forthcoming Red Owl, 35 Hampshire Rd., Portsmouth, NH, 03801-4815
2001: 1 piece from States of Desire, Of Being' in forthcoming Lupine Ladies Press
2001: 1 piece in forthcoming 'Chiron Review', 702 N. Prairie, St. John, KS 67576-1516
2001: Visions Gallery, Albany, March 2001
2001: The 'Drag' series, Spectrum Theatre, Albany, NY
2001: 'Heroines Unlikely' print cover of 'Japanophile' PO Box 7977, Ann Arbor, MI 48107
2001: 4 prints from 'Thirty-one Kisses' series forthcoming 'Nerve Cowboy' magazine. Nerve Cowboy, PO Box 4973, Austin, TX. 78765
2001: 5 prints from '31 Kisses' series forthcoming 'Poetry Motel' magazine
2000: Cafe Web, Madison Avenue, Albany, NY
2000: Russell Sage / JCA, Troy & Albany, NY
2000: The Mandala Center, - Cover of Spiral Magazine
2000: Morningside Gallery, Loudonville, NY
1999: Mother Earth's Café, Quail & Western, Albany, NY
1999: Morningside Gallery, Golden Colors Award, Loudonville, NY
1999: Romaine Brooks Gallery, Hudson Avenue, Albany, NY
1998: The Romaine Brooks Gallery, Hudson Avenue, Albany, NY
1998: Spencertown Academy of Art, Spencertown, NY
1994: Cynthia Van Horne Ehrlich Gallery, Provincetown, M.A.
1990: Gay & Lesbian Community Center, Albany, NY
1988: Russell Sage 'Flower' Show & Book, Troy, NY
1987: The Social Justice Center, Central Avenue, Albany, NY

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