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Oscar Basurto Carbonell
Artist's Statement
" If that which you see, pleases you, it is because you are seeing a reflection of yourself, art is a tool and spiritual instrument that takes some kind of form so that you can see your own universal form"
M ystic artist, Oscar Basurto Carbonell was born in Lima, Peru, and has been living in Miami, Florida for the last years. His art is very well known at the international level and his paintings have been exhibited in galleries, art centers, philanthropic, charitable and private institutions. The artist artworks are done on oil on canvas and also in digital painting or computer art.
Mr. Basurto Carbonell belongs to the Art Museum of Lima, Peru, Peruvian Artists. He is also a well known international lecturer, Spiritual Teacher and Healer, Poet and innumerable writings related to Self Knowledge, Healing, Art for Good Health, Meditation and Spiritual Science, are some of his topics. He has been painting since his early years and has a great knowledge on the ancient science of techniques and designs of the Sacred Geometry, on the Ancient Symbols and on Healing Energy. His works are energy and poetry in movement that take us to walk on the spiritual path and to receive energy of life and healing. His art is essence and substance of life. The artist has received special recognition for his humanitarian work helping charitable and ecological institutions
T he artist has also donated many of his artworks through the years, to many institutions, for charitable purposes and to help them raise money, organizations as American Heart Association, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, March Of Dimes, American Cancer Society, Jackson Memorial Hospital Foundation, among many.

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