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Ametsetan (Dreaming)
Agustín Bilbao

PRESENTATION Departing from the drawing, Agustín Bilbao has been setting down a solid subst...

Una Cosa Rosa
Richard Chavez

Born in Sacramento, California, Feb. 7 1943...

Stellar Abstraction
Ione Citrin

"When I paint, I dip my brush in my soul." Being an Artist is a life force, not a career choice. Ea...

Illustrated Mannequin
Paul Davis

Education My art education was simple but diverse. After high school art classes I took an adult ...

Nathaniel Donnett

I’m interested in the study of human behavior, its psychological and emotional impact on society and...

Life Dish
Mike Janes

My background in the building industry is the greatest influence on me as an artist. Working alongsi...

Love-5 Venus
Takeshi Kawashima

The noted contemporary artist from Kagawa Prefecture, Takeshi Kawashima, had been working and exhibi...

Spirit of the Night
Lasha Khidasheli

Lasha Khidasheli was born in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, in 1971. Graduated from the State Academy...

Baby legs 2
Jessica Anne Loseby

Sometimes raw, often humorous, my work is essentially about my own experiences. A woman - wife, mo...

chuka machie

I like to play with line because of its possibility to express symbols infinitely and produce varied...

Palm Abstract
Mark Nickels

For some reason I was born an artist. I’m not sure why this is and I stopped thinking about it much ...

International Sky Sculpture Show
Masaaki Noda

In Masaaki Noda’s work the aerodynamic and the grand expressionist gesture converge: two of the basi...

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