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Giancarlo Amici

Giancarlo Amici started painting when he was very young, as an autodidact, then he turned to photogr...

blue nude
Corrie Ancone

Drawing my inspiration from mythology and and nature , i create new visual dimensions somewhat paint...

Christa Biedermann

Born in 1953 in Vienna. Since 1972 studies at the College of Applied Arts with Tasquil, Bertoni, F...

Altar, Rome, Italy
David Cirese

David Cirese was born in 1967 in Rome, Italy, where he lives and works as professional photographer....

Hans Claesson

Hans Claesson was born and lives on the Swedish west coast. He specializes in portraying the sea and...

WTC #50 Two Votives, 2001
David Curry

David Curry, a native of Los Angeles, has been living and working in New York City for over 20 years...

Yatin Dandekar

I am Yatin Dandekar, an School of Art thorough bred product, having majored in photography. I ...

Still life
Jean-Francois Dupuis

Ma démarche artistique commence avec l’achat d’un premier appareil 35mm à l’âge de 16 ans. Celle-ci ...

The Farm
Tim Dusenberry

Thank you for taking some time and viewing my work,this artwork has been created with the programs ...

Juan Franco

As - a photographer, i document the interplay between the subject, surroundings, and light ...

untitled 3
Joseph Gerges

From cityscapes to uncommon portraits; from the southern hemisphere to the northern; from the grand ...

Adrián Gómez

Adrián Gómez nace en 1973 en Paraná, Argentina. A la temprana edad de 8 años tiene sus primeras e...

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