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Prisoner Of Hope  
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Big Smiles II  
Big Smiles  

Jeffrey Shurdut
J eff Shurdut’s work is Prophetic. His American Dream paintings with masked screams against American flags (1999), and Sanctity and Crucifixion (2000) depicting the collapse of skyscrapers and an uprooted corporate America with a smile hanging from its twisted, wide-eyed face, anticipated, further question, and boldly challenge our ideas and future.
For his most recent show, Jeff Shurdut brings his paintings back to where it all began on Manhattan's Lower East Side. His Great Grandparents came to America from Eastern Europe and passed through Ellis Island like millions of others. "The Lower East Side represents beginnings and is an ideal place to reflect on the American Dream. It went from a place of opportunity for the have-nots to opportunity for the haves. Try and make rent as an artist or immigrant down there today. It couldn’t be any more perfect because it’s real.”

Shurdut says, “Rockwell illustrated life the way he wanted it to be. I paint it the way it really is.”

Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut, Artist, has been featured in The New York Times (November 19, 2000-Section 11), on NBC's "Live at Five," and WLIW TV's "Metro" (USA). Other publications include Dala Demokraten, Ludvika Tidning (Sweden), IMPASTO! (NY), and The State of Art (Belgium, NY).

Selected Exhibitions
O ne Man Annual Art Installation Grant awarded by Columbia University’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (1993), Avery Fisher Hall (1994), and Syracuse University (1989).

Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut’s works have been endorsed by jurors from The National Gallery at the Smithsonian Institute (Washington D.C.), The National Academy of Drawing and Painting (NYC), and U.C.Berkeley (CA).

Selected Galleries
G alleri Rubens (Sweden), Galleri Elenor, V-17, Tonne (Norway), Galleri Reykjavik (Iceland), The Gallery Center at Boca Raton (Fla), The Midoma Studio, Gallery 128, and Carlo Alessi (Chelsea, NYC).
Artist's Statement
A rt is nothing without those other things that make up art. Painting is not about color or shape. It is in the experience. Experience is what colors and shapes our lives and gives us meaning. My paintings don't reflect me. I reflect my paintings. I live more in the moment, through the process and the search and unlearning. To see clearly means to destroy everything so I can build it and see life for the first time again and again and true. Each day falling in love for the first time.

-Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut 2001
Other Exhibitions
B ig Eyes, Prisoner of Hope, and American Dream

  Contact Information

Address: 490 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10013
Country: USA
Daytime phone: 212-226-2307 ext. 123
Evening phone: 212-226-2307 ext. 123

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