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Joao Carita
Artist's Statement
We never love anybody. We love, only, the idea what we do from someone. It is to a concept of ours, in abridgement, it is us ourselves, that we love. That is true in the whole scale of the love. In the sexual love we look for a own pleasure fact through a foreign body. In the love different from the sexual one, we look for a own pleasure fact through an idea of ours”.
J oão Carita was born at Lisbon in 12-8-1971. He frequented the Military College and subsequently the Air Force Academy. At present, he resides in Alcochete, and professionally he is a Pilot in the Portuguese Air Force.
Solo Exhibition
2 008 - Exposição Individual - Alcochete (Portugal) - Camara Municipal de Alcochete
2008 - Exposição Individual - "O Sol Mói o Pai" - Pinhal Novo (Portugal)
Group Exhibition
2 007 - Roma (Itália) - Galeria Domus Sessoriana - " L´Altro io".
2007 - Figlini Valdarno - (Florença Itália) - "BODY".
2007 - Nápoles (Itália) - "Mostra Arte Whipart".
2007 - Roma - Galeria Domus Sessoriana - "Specchio non mente" .
2007 - Nuremberga (Alemanha) - "Exposição Equilibriarte".
2007 - Foz do Arelho (Portugal) - Galeria Toa Toa.
2007 - Arouca (Portugal) - "Contrastes Artísticos".
2007 - Capranica (Itália) - Chiesa San Francesco - "Without".
2007 - Roma (Itália) - Neo Art Gallery - "In Libero Quadrato".
2007 - Foz do Arelho (Portugal) - Galeria Adamastor.
2007 - Nazaré (Portugal) - Posto de Turismo da Nazaré.
2007 - Valado dos Frades (Portugal).

2008 - New York (EUA) - "International Art Fair" - Jacobs Convention Center NY.
2008 - Artes do Brasil III - Foz do Arelho (Portugal) - Galeria Adamastor.
2008 - Presence of Mind by L'Agenzia di Arte - Porto (Portugal) - Galeria Lugar do Vinho.
2008 - Mini Colectiva Da Vinci - Caldas da Rainha Portugal) - Galeria Charbonnade.
I n artistic terms, he is concentrated fundamentally in the human presence. For what it looks, is not the real or unreal representation, but yes, the unconscious. The great hidden mystery of which there is of instinctive one in the human being. Through a style called “Dark Expressionism”, knowing his art, is to go further of what the simple one to observe of human portraits of pleasant effects of forms and colors. It is to penetrate in a loaded world of messages with subpreliminary verdicts that board the sexuality, the eroticism, and essentially, the complexity of the human relations, with such depth, that they do not leave us indifferent. The conceptual aspects are allied in a form intelligently thought to the aesthetic coherence. The Art without the representation of the sexuality, of the eroticism, of the mystery, of the feeling, of the expression, of the individuality, and of the feminine intellect does not survive ... do not exist!

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