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The Child  

Gerard Boersma
Artist's Statement
G erard Boersma is one of the
leading young Dutch artists and
well known in his native country
for his highly detailed
hyper-realist works of
individuals caught in moments.

His paintings are photorealist
portraits of souls alone in city
landscapes perused with the
precision of a brutally honest

Boersma studied painting and
fine art at the School of Arts
Minerva in the Netherlands,
specializing in meticulous form
drawing and realistic painting.
Boersma is a master draftsman
whose paintings peer into the
most mundane instances of
human interaction for windows
into the mysteries of the soul.
S chool of Arts Minerva,
Groningen (NL)
Solo Exhibition
s elected exhibitions

2004 Artemisia, Leeuwarden
2002 Royal Talens
Headquarters, Apeldoorn (NL)
Group Exhibition
s elected exhibitions

2005 Galerie Rudolfv,
Amsterdam (NL)
2005 Castor en Pollux, Bilzen
2005 Drenst Museum, painting
demonstration, Assen (NL)
2005 Florence Biennale,
Florence (IT)
2005 Agora, New York (USA)
2004 Galerie Walls, Amsterdam
2004 Omrop Fryslan,
Leeuwarden (NL)
2002 Fries Museum,
Leeuwarden (NL)
Honors / Awards
2 005 Lorenzo il Magnifico
Award, 4th price painting,
Florence Biennale, Florence (IT)
2004 Startstipendium Fonds
2003 public award of Dutch
design award Vredeman de
Vries Vormgevingsprijs
2003 collected by Fries
Museum, Leeuwarden (NL)

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