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Yi-Chang Lin
1 919 Born in Taipei

1935 Move to Japan

1943 Graduated from Ching-Ying University, Japan

1946 Start Teaching in Taiwan, Join Japan group show and Chinese-Japan Artist group shows

1979 Solo show at Long-Men Gallery, Taipei

1991 Solo show at Jeng-Chang Gallery, Taipei
1999 Memorial Exhibition in Taipei

I f this world is completely prefect, what kind of world is this? For sure, things could be good or bad; beautiful or ugly. These are the true significance of our lives, and the true color of the world.

For many years, my concern and attention on ugliness had finally come to comprehend. I found a wonderful intrigue out of it.

In general, things are said to be the most beautiful may not be right. So did one of the famous Chinese scholars, Lao Zi, has the same opinion. He said, "Not everything naming beauty is the most beautiful one." In addition, another famous Chinese scholar, Su Dong Po, applied a negative thinking and used the word - ugliness, when he was criticizing a piece of fine stone. He said, "The elegance of ugliness; the beauty of ugliness."

Obviously, beauty is always used as a point of view to describe and judge things. It seems to be used, and said too much. Why can’t we change and give a chance to ugliness as the point of view in which could be respected?

Certainly, no one likes ugliness and no one even knows it is the base of the beauty. Sometimes, ugliness is a witness of beauty, too! In fact, ugliness is classified as a category of the true, the good and the beauty. Although ugliness is hidden, implied, silence and shy, a sense of free and easy is driving from the other side of it.
The beauty of inspiration can be applied on any kind of art. It describes not only the outside of the art - the form, and also the inside of the art - the nature. The mixture of both derives a natural and a blunt beauty. However, this is the kind of beauties which will be forgot eventually by a lack of mentioning.

The true beauty can be analyzed into several kinds. I call them as ‘broken’, ‘confused’, ‘dirty’, ‘weird’ and so on. By using these four as the major theme of ugliness to examine the beauty of ugliness, I hope they will lead us to a higher admiration of the true beauty. Nevertheless, it is always not easy to evaluate the beauty of the art. Who will be the truly admirator? It could be he or she. Perhaps, it could be you.

Despite it is a boldness try to look at beauty in this way, my brush should state sharp and strong in any unexpected criticism. Even though time flies and leaves me behind, my art exhibition has been continuously held up to 5th times. Each art exhibition is my remarkable experiences and memories. When I look forward to see my future, I must recall all of them. As well, in my belief, whoever has not lost his/her faith, tomorrow will be the day you care the most.

written by Mr. Yi-Chang Lin, at Taipei, Taiwan, on October 25, Year (not specified), and translated by A. Chan.

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Country: USA
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