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Plaza Hotel II  

Sir Alex Schloss
A lex Schloss, born in New York City, is a painter noted for his uniqueness of style - an almost 3-dimentional quality achieved with a careful texturing and layering of oil paint, mixed with sand and marble dust. It is considered a mixed media oil painted fresco. The richness is balanced by another technique, simplistically clean, pastel-like portraitures, executed in oil on raw linen. Here he captures the character of life of the subjects with a minimum of strokes. He is known for his exquisite personal portraits.

Alex Schloss has painted the personages of royalty including King Hassen II and The Royal Family of Morocco, Count Bonifazi of Italy & Monaco, as well as 'Woody Woodpecker' creator Walter Lantz. The well-known television and movie star, Herve Villechaize, has been on of his models. Alex has been owner and curator of the Gallery At The Plaza Hotel for the past 25 years. His patronage extends the world over. His work being in constant demand by both new and established clients.

As a painter Alex captures both the energy and serenity of life in New York. He keeps his finger "on the pulse," an eye on celebrities, and his paintbrush ready to translate the soul of the city his canvas. Fifth Avenue, throbbing with the color and crowds of St. Patrick's Day, The Plaza Hotel, gently tucked in for the night by a blanket of falling snow flakes.

When preparing for a new show the artist spends months studying his exhibit at Harkness House, many hours were spent with dancers - in and out of rehearsals - in order to study their movements and feelings. This contributes to his success in capturing on canvas not just a dancer, dancing a part, but the essence of the person involved. Alex has painted ballet dancers: Gelsey Kirkland, Nureyev, Baryshnikov, and Susan Jaffe.

The Intensity the artist feels is clearly recognized in all of his paintings. One is no just a viewer of hi work - to see his painting is to become a part of them.

Art Students League Life Member
B rooklyn Museum
National Academy of Fine Arts - Morton Roberts / Eisenberger
Art Student League - Robert Brackman / Sidney Dikensen / Olinsky
Salmagundi Club on Scholarship
Solo Exhibition
1 972-91
Gallery at The Plaza, Plaza Hotel, NYC
Harkness Gallery, New York City
International Beaux Arts, New York City - Sponsored by the Harkness House Ballet Foundation
Chatam Gallery, New Jersey
Group Exhibition
1 985
A Gallery, New York City
Andres, Aspen, Colorado
Brooklyn Museum, New York City
New York Worlds Fair, New York City
United Nations, New York City
Honors / Awards
S mithsonian Institute, Washington, DC
U.S. Postal Service, Washington, DC
U.S. Postal Service, New York
N.C. School of Art, North Carolina

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