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Mixed Media
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Mother & Child 19  

- Suriyamoorthy
1 944
Born in Neidavasal, Ancient Chola Place.
G.D First Class, First Rank, Government College of Arts and Crafts, Chennai.
1963 - 1965
State Lalit Kala Akademi Scholar.
1965 - 1968
National Scholar at the MS University, Baroda under Professor KG;
Subramanian and Mjyothi Bhat Specialize in painting, murals and graphics.
1989 - 1991
Senior Fellowship, Government of India (Department of Culture)
1991 - 1992
Sri SH Daya Fellowship, Mumbai.
Honors / Awards
1 963 - 1965
Five prizes from the Directorate of Health, Government of India, New Delhi;
All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society, New Delhi; UP Governor’s Award.
National Award; Academy of Fine arts, Calcutta; All India Portrait Exhibition, Amritsar;
Gujarat State Award; Silver Medal, Hyderabad Art Society.
Victoria Technical Institute, Chennai.
Tamil Nadu Ovia Nunkalai Kuzhu, Chennai.
Christian Association – Asia Japan.
1991 - 1992
All India Exhibition, Ambala Cantonment ( Gold Medal )
1990 - 1991
From Various organization at Bhopal, Chennai, Mysore, Raipur and Vijayawada.
First India Drawing Biennale, Chandigarh.
All India Kalidas Exhibition, Uijian, Madhya Pradesh.
International Award, 20th Century.

Award to the Artist
India Express Jan 21, 1971 -
The Governor Sardor Uijal Singh presented the Mahatma Gandhi Birth Centenary memorial award instituted by the Victoria Technical Institute to his crayon drawing of "Elephant an Calf"; the governor complimented the artist for his fine drawing.Justice M.M. Ismail, President of VTI said the drawing had been adjudged the best entry from among 221 exhibits, including wood carving oil painting and sculpture pieces. - Mrs. D.C. Kothari A Vote of Thanks.
"Gifted and Dedicated Painter" - George M. Butcher Art Council of Great Britain – 1965.
"Highly Talented and Accomplished Artist" - W. Grant Parr (Formerly United States Cultural Attached in West Germany and sometimes art critic of the Nebraska State Journal in Lincoln, USA.
"M. Suriyamoorthy’s Art Works are of a high quality" - World Bank Art Society New York.
"Savage Painter" - Charles Fabri, art critic Statesman, New Delhi – 1967.
"Nude Inaction – Gifted Painter" - Richard Bartholomew art critic Times of India – New Delhi – 1967.
Art Books
1 997
Major Art Trends in India since 1947, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi.
The Southern Accent by Dr. AS Raman published by Tamil Nadu Ovia Nunkalai Kuzhu, Chennai – 8.
1 964
Art now from India --- Commonwealth Art Exhibition, London.
1984, 1985, 1989, 1991, 1993, 1994 & 1997
Mini Graphic International Exhibition, Spain.
International Collectors' Art Exhibition, at Salvador Dali’s residence, Spain.
1987, 1991, 1993, 1994, 1995 & 1997
International Biennale, Bulgaria: Drawing / Printing & Graphic.
International Association of Art, under the sponsorship of UNESCO, New Zealand.
3rd Biennale International Pastel Exhibition, France.
1993 - 1994
Biennale Van De Kleingratiek of 1993, Sinj-Niklas.
International Poster Exhibition, Mexico.
18th International Exhibition of Prints in Kannagana '95.
International Art Exhibition, Romania.

One-Man Shows
Organised by George Butcher of the Arts, New Delhi; and later at the commonwealth, London;
Government Museum, Chennai.
PS High School, Mylapore, Chennai; Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi (150 works)
Sarala art Centre, Chennai (held at Hotel Connemara)
1978 - 1987
Regional Cente, Lalit Kala Akademi, Chennai.
Sponsored by Alliance Francaise de Chennai, Raoul Follereau Foundation, Pondicherry (750 works);
Regional Center, Lalit Kala Akademi, Chennai.
Kala Parishad, Bhopal; Government Museum, Chennai.
1990Airport, Chennai.
Rashtriya Kala Mela, Chenai; Regional Centre, Lalit Kala Akademi, Chennai.
Rashtriya Kala Mela, Bangalore.
Easel Art Gallery, Chennai.
Indrakannan Unique Art Gallery, Poompuhar.

South Zone Cultural Centre (Thanjavur), Chennai (Theme : Folk Dances);
101 Hours Campwork. South Zone Cultural Centre. Artist Camp Madras. Among the 36 participants worked 101 hours continuously, created Large size painting 5'x54', 4'x10' and 3'x6' in the Folk Dance and Music Camp.
Tamil Nadu Ovia Nunkalai Kuzhu, Chennai : Camps held at Madurai and Hogenakkai.
National Kalidasa Art Exhibition at Uijain.
N.L.K.A. Artist Workshop Camp at Kerala.
N ational Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi; Regional Centre, Lalit Kala Akademi, Chennai; Academy of Fine Arts, Calcutta; Government Museum, Punjab (Chandigarh); Tamil Nadu Ovia Nunkalai Kuzhu, Chennai, Tamil Cultural Centre, Chennai; Air India, Mumbai; Sea Rock Hotel, Mumbai; CPIT, Guindy, Chennai; JIPMER, Pondicherry; Tamil Nadu Archaelogical Department, Madurai; Alliance Francaise de Chennai, Pondicherry; Chemould Gallery, Mumbai; Government Museum, Hyderabad, Government Museum, Chennai, South Zone; Cultural Centre, Thanjavur; Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishath, Bangalore; Coronet Modern Art Gallery, Chennai; Indo-Soviet Cultural Society, Chennai; Easel Art Gallery, Chennai; Saga Art Gallery, Chennai; Values Art Foundation, Chennai, etc.Total Valued Collection 5921 in India & Five continents in the world; One person collections by Mr. S.H. Daya, Mumbai.

Appreciation Received
Author’s Response
Suriyamoorthy is the odd man out among his contemporaries as his spiritual kinsman, Salvador Dali, was among his : eccentric, unpredictable, amiable in their own quaint way, artistically irrepressible, technically impeccable and intellectually sharp. Suriyamoorthy’s paintings are no easy to live with because of the disurbingly unfamiliar concepts and configurations on which they are based. Their aesthetic values are beyond question. He is an extremely imaginative, daring, determined and emotionally overstrung loner who is perfectly at peace with himself, never mind what his equation with the rest of the world is. There is so much power packed into his canvases that one simply can’t take one’s eyes off hem. They command you to stop by and take a close look at them. This is that creativity does to you.
- Dr. A.S. Raman – 1999.
Critical Comment
"His mixed media paintings are different others as he has used Siddha medical colours, mixed in gum which he discovered after long research and after reffering to literature Siddha medicine and botany. Painted on manifold sheets –"a difficult material o paint on", he says – it can hardly be differentiated from his oil paintings. Closely drawn figures creating a sense of family is the subject of all his paintings. The style hovers between the realistic and the abstract. He has used not just brush but instruments like a funnel or a knife to colour the figures. Suriyamoorthy is just not a painter. He is also a Scientist of heart." - Art Critic, Sunday Mail – 1965, Drawing – One Man Show- Delhi Sponsored by Curator George M. Butcher (Art Council of Great Britain – London) 13th Feb 1965.

Suriyamoorthy is dedicated and gifted. Indeed his technical maturity at a very young age is our surest sign of his probably future achievement and just as maturity has come to him quickly so the character of his line is defined by its speed of execution.
As with the still existing glass painters of Madras, rapidity of line breeds not only economic efficiency but also an unduplicable flourish and freedom.

To Whom it may concern
My Pride and pleasure in having owned for some years, three paintings by M. Suriyamoorthy of Tamil Nadu, India, were enhanced by special compliments paid them by an internationally recognized art expert and former gallery owner Mr.Heina Roland of London.
I personally consider M. Suriyamoorthy to be a highly talented and accomplished artist who has yet to receive the international acclaim he has long deserved.
- M. Grant Parr – 1984 (Formerly United States Cultural Attached in West Germany and at one time art critic of the Nebraska State Journal in Lincoln, USA).

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