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T.F.Chen and Van Gogh
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She (Venus) Loves Van Gogh
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Post-Van Gogh Series

The art of Vincent van Gogh shall be an inspiration forever.  Not only did Van Gogh inspire me to decide to pursue art in my youth, but the passionate, charismatic images that he profoudly rendered have captivated me throughout my entire life and artistic creation.  The master artist and his astounding works are truly a priceless, beloved treasure - an inexhaustible source of illumination.

In his short ten-year artistic career, Vincent devoted himself body and soul to painting, bursting into and out of art history like a fiery comet.   Posterity has been blessed with the fruits of his labors; Van Gogh's prolific style has left us with so many masterpieces, enriching our lives for many generations to come.

In 1990, on the occasion of Van Gogh's Centennial Celebration (100 years since his death), I dedicated 100 paintings entitled the "Post - Van Gogh Series," as my homage to this great master.  I am now delighted to present these 100 tributes, accompanied with statements for each painting, which I hope will help the reader to understand my thoughts behind each pictorial presentation.   I hope to be able to publish this "Post - Van Gogh Series", for the Millennium, for I believe Vincent van Gogh was not only a great master of the 19th century, but he is undoubtedly also one of the greatest and most beloved artists that has ever blessed us in the past 2,000 years of our human story.

---By Dr. T. F. Chen, May 5, 1999

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