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Dr. T.F. Chen :
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    "T.F. Chen Cultural Center" (NYC)
  • Initiator of
    "Neo-Iconograph"  (Neo-I.)
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Post-Van Gogh Retrospective
She (Venus) Loves Van Gogh
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The World of T.F. Chen - 2003 Calendar
The World of T.F. Chen - 2003 Calendar

T.F. Chen Cultural Center
Center aims to be Hub of New Renaissance, Uniting World Family of Artists, Performers, Thinkers, and Visionaries; Planning Special Exhibitions, Auctions and Cultural Events.
T.F. Chen

          Born in  Tainan, Taiwan, , 1936, T.F. Chen graduated from National Taiwan University.  Awarded a scholarship by the French Government, Chen went to Paris in 1963 where he stayed for twelve years, obtained at La Sorbonne, a M.A. degree in French Contemporary Literature, and a Ph. D. degree in History of Modern Art with "very honorable mention" while attending simultaneously at L'Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts for seven years.  In 1969, summing up his philosophy in "Five-Dimensional Universal Culture", Chen initiated "Neo-Iconography" for his pictorial creation which leaded to produce series of artwork, such as 100 paintings on "The Statue of Liberty" (1986), 50 paintings on "The Eiffel Tower" (1989) and 100 paintings on Van Gogh as "Post-Van Gogh Series" etc.  T.F.Chen has held more than 70 one-man shows in Europe, America, and Asia, and has published several books including "notes on Paintings in Paris" (1969), "Ten Years of my Pictorial Voyages" (1974), "The Spirit of Liberty" (1986).  Chen was elected as chairperson for Fine-Arts Section in "International Conference on the Arts" (AAI, Paris 1987, New York 1988).  Now Chen lives in SoHo (150 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012) and his artwork is permanently displayed at Lucia Gallery (SoHo) and Gallery New World (Taipei, Taiwan).

          In 1983, T.F. Chen obtained a medal, an "Achievement Award in Arts and Humanities" of Taiwan-American Foundation, with the following comment: "... Having received long and complete academic education in arts, Tsing-fang Chen, converging East and West, both in artistic creation and philosophical approach, established 'Five-Dimensional Universal Culture' in theory and 'new-Iconography' in artistic expression.  Thus brings eminent contribution to both realms."

The Post-Modern Art of T.F. Chen:
"Images of a Global Humanity" by Thomas McEvilley

Mr. James Garrison, President of the State of the World Forum 1998, giving a speech in front of Dr. Chen's huge painting at the closing ceremony.
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David L. Wolper, the famed film producer and the Master of Ceremonies at the Centennial Celebration of the Statue of Liberty, posing with his fmaily and Dr. & Mrs. Chen, in front of the new artwork that Mr. Wolper just collected from Chen. Mme. Koff Anna of the General-secretary of the United Nations receiving Dr. T.F. Chen and his wife Lucia at a meeting of the Friends of the U.N.
President James Garrison of the State of the World Forum with his friends, visiting the T.F. Chen Cultural Center (December 1999). Some art-lovers admiring Chen's exhibition at his Center in SoHo, New York City.
Dr. Chen, as Chairperson of the Fine Arts Section of the International Conference on the Arts (sponsored by AAI) in Paris 1987, posing with the Chairperson of the Music and Dancing Sections. Dr. Chen's first exhibition in the U.S. at the Art Alliance in Philadelphia, 1978.  Mr. Lawrence Jeppson (far left) coined the term "Neo-Iconography" for Chen's artistic style and wrote extensively on it.
The Chens visiting Dr. Jan Hulsker, the ex-Minister of Culture in Holland and world famous scholar on Van Gogh, in Vicotoria Island (October 1993).  The picture shows Dr. Hulsker and his wife admiring Dr. Chen's "Post - Van Gogh" artworks. Dr. Noel Brown, President of the Friends of the United Nations, standing with Dr. Chen in front of Chen's huge painting: "Towards the 21st Century: Symhony of World Culture."