Portrait of Tsui Yin-yin
Portrait of Tsui Yin-yin
from Li Cho-wu's Annotated Edition of the Romance of the Western Chamber
Written by Wang Shih-fu, Yuan Dynasty
Annotated by Li Chih
Illustrated by Ch'en Hung-shou, et. al.
Imprint by Hsiang Nan-chou Ch'ung-chen Reign (1628-1644), Ming Dynasty

Privately Reading the Letter
Privately Reading the Letter
from Chang Shen-chih's Revised Edition of the Romance of Western Chamber, with Northern Melodies
Written by Wang Shih-fu, Yuan Dynasty
Illustrated by Ch'en Hung-shou
Imprint by Hsiang Nan-chou
Ming Dynasty (1639)

National Palace Museum

The Printer's Craft

A Special Exhibition of Printed Novels and Plays
Gallery 313
2001/10/5 - 2002/1/1

Printing has a long history in China.  The large-scale production of printed Buddhist images began as early as the Sui, Tang, and Five Dynasties (late 6th to 10th centuries A.D.).  With the progressive development of printing technology, the printing of illustrated texts gradually became commonplace.  The Museum's collection contains many printed editions of Ming and Ching plays and novels, and is particularly rich in texts dating  from the golden age of vernacular printing that occurred during the late Ming.  Appealing to commoners and gentry alike, this wide array of illustrated publications reveals great diversity in taste and aesthetic.


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