Birds Chilled by a Late Snowfall
Birds Chilled by a Late Snowfall
Ma Lin (fl. 13th century)
Sung Dynasty

Azure-winged Magpie and Plum Blossoms
Azure-winged Magpie and Plum Blossoms
Sung Dynasty (960-1279)

National Palace Museum

A Treasured Aviary

Bireds in Chinese Paintings Through the Ages
Galleries 302, 303
2001/10/1 - 2001/12/25
Gallery 202
2001/11/21 - 2001/12/25

This year E-BIRDS: Global Educational Initiative to Save the Birds Series is being held jointly by the Wild Bird Federation Taiwan and Birdlife International.  In November, the leaders of conservation groups from all over the world will attend a forum t discuss and observe efforts in Taiwan.  The National Palace Museum, in an effort to honor the education of these groups to preserving and protecting wild birds, is holding this special exhibition of birds in Chinese paintings through the ages.


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