By Jade Emperor's Order, Erh-lang Arrests the Demon
By Jade Emperor's Order, Erh-lang Arrests the Demon
(From Journey to the West)
P'u Hsin-yu
National Palace Museum

From the Dynasty of Old:
A Special Exhibition of the Art of P'u Hsin-yu

Gallery 104
2000/10/5 - 2000/12/15

P'u-ju, popularly known as P'u Hsin-yu (1896 - 1963), was a descendant of the Ch'ing dynasty imperial family.  Since he was a great-grandson of the Tao-kuang Emperor (r. 1821 - 1851) and cousin to the lst emperor, P'u-i (1980 - 1911), he often referred to himself with a seal that read, "From the Dynasty of Old."  In his early years, he lived in reclusion at Hsi-shan (West Mountain), where he studied and practiced painting.  He was almost 30 when he returned to Peking and began to take part in the art circles there.  In 1949, P'u Hsin-yu followed the ROC government to Taiwan, where he taught at Provincial Normal College (now National Taiwan Normal University).  He also taught students, privately and traveled extensively around Asia giving lectures, becoming one of the most respected modern masters of calligraphy, painting, and poetry.

This exhibition includes masterpieces of painting and calligraphy produced by P'u Hsin-yu after his arrival in Taiwan.  These works are from his own collection, a portion of which was entrusted to the National Palace Museum in 1992 by the committee that oversees his Cold Jade Studio estate.  The exhibit also includes some of the studio items that P'u collected and used during his lifetime.  The Museum hopes that, by looking at these objects alongside P'u's precious works, visitors can capture a glimpse of one of China's last great scholar-artists.


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