Ancient Tibetan Painting of Four Lohans
Ancient Tibetan Painting of Four Lohans
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National Palace Museum

Painting and Calligraphy Donated to the National Palace Museum
Gallery 208
2000/10/10 - 2000/12/25

When the Chin army sacked the Northern Sung capital of Kaifeng in 1126, they ravaged the magnificent art collection of the Sung emperors.  Those items that were not destroyed were seized by the invading troops or fell into private hands.  However, after the restoration of the Sung at the new capital Hangchow, much of the art collection was recovered through the extensive efforts and generous donations of private individuals.   This restored collection forms the basis of the National Palace Museum's present holdings.  Ever since the Sung, private benefactors have continued to play a critical role in the preservation and expansion of this precious collection.

Although a portion of the Museum's budget is dedicated to acquisitions, the available funds are far less that ideal.  Accordingly, the Museum relies on the generosity of private benefactors and encourages the transfer of private collections into public hands.   Since the reestablishment of the National Palace Museum in Taipei, the extensive gifts received by the Museum have made it possible to move beyond the imperial focus of the original collection and offer visitors an increasingly broad and detailed view of China's artistic heritage.  In an attempt to honor the magnanimity and public-spiritedness of these precious gifts, the Museum regularly presents special exhibitions of donated works.


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