National Palace Museum: October - December, 2000
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Special Exhibitioin
Vision of Compassion:
Images of Kuan-yin in Chinese Art

Gallery 202, 212
2000/10/1 - 2000/12/25
Title: Cundi
Date: Ming Dynasty  (1368 - 1644)

Ancient Tibetan Painting of Four Lohans
Painting and Calligraphy Donated to the National Palace Museum
Gallery 208
2000/10/10 - 2000/912/25
Title: Ancient Tibetan Painting of Four Lohans
Date: Not Specified

Emperor Ming-huang's Flight to Szechwan
Annual Exhibition of Treasured Paintings and Calligraphic Works
Gallery 210
2000/10/10 - 2000/11/20
Title: Emperor Ming-huang's Flight to Szechwan
Date: T'ang Dynasty  (618 - 907)

Rubbings of the Snow Hall Modelbooks
A Collection of Calligraphy and Paintings
Gallery 210
2000/12/1 - 2000/12/25
Title: Miscellaneous Paintings
Date: Ming Dynasty (1599 - 1652)

Returning Home Late from a Spring Outing
From the Dynasty of Old:
A Special Exhibition of the Art of P'u Hsin-yu

Gallery 104
200/10/5 - 2000/12/15
Title: By Jade Emperor's Order, Erh-lang Arrests the Demon
Date: Not Specified

Poem in Seven-character Verse
Masterpieces of Cursive Script Calligraphy
Gallery 204, 206
200/11/1 - 2000/12/25
Title: Poem in Seven-character Verse
Date: Sung Dynasty (1045 - 1105)

Hawk-shaped gold hat ornament
Nomadic Waves and Cultural Exchange on the Inner Mongolian Steppe
Special Exhibition Hall Library, 1st Floor
200/9/28 - 2001/1/3
Title: Hawk-shaped gold hat ornament
Date: Eastern Chou Dynasty (Hsiung-nu) (8th - 3rd century B.C.)

Ch'ing dynasty documents
A Special Exhibition of Ch'ing Dynasty Grand Council Archives
Gallery 313
200/10/6 - 2000/12/30
Title: Ch'ing dynasty documents
Date: Ch'ing Dynasty (1644 - 1911)

Current Information:
New Publications
The collections of Bo-yu Tan and Ji-fu Tan's Treasures Donation
Author: Yi-ling Tan
Total page: 504
Tribal Peoples and the Palace Museum: Cooperation Between Neighbors
A Performance of Bunun Aboriginal Song, Dance, and Culture

Time: 10/28/2000 (Saturday): 10:00 - 11:45 A.M.  10/29/2000 (Sunday): 10:00 - 11:45 A.M.
Location: Forecourt of the National Palace Museum

This year, the Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Aborigines is featuring a special exhibition on economic and cultural change among the Bunun aborigines of southeast Taiwan.    At the same time, the National Palace Museum is holding a visiting exhibition on the cultures of the North China steppe, entitled Nomadic Waves and Cultural Exchange on the Inner Mongolian Steppe.  In honor of these two exhibits, both museums are co-sponsoring a performance and display of Bunun song, dance and culture, to be held on consecutive days in the forecourt of the National Palace Museum.  All are invited to attend this exciting and educational event.

Dynastic Period
Age of the Five Rulers ( ca. 27th - 22nd cent. B.C.)
Hsia Dynasty (ca. 22nd - 16th cent. B.C.)
Shang Dynasty (16th - 11th cent. B.C.)
Western Chou Dynasty (11th - 8th cent. B.C.)
Eastern Chou Dynasty (8th - 3rd cent. B.C.)
Spring & Autumn Period (8th - 5 th cent. B.C.)
Warring States Period (5th - 3rd cent. B.C.)
Ch'in Dynasty ( 221 B.C. - 207 B.C.)
Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C. - A.D. 8)
Eastern Han Dynasty (A.D. 25 - 220)
Wei, Chin, Northern & Southern Dynasties (A.D. 220 - 589)
Sui Dynasty ( A.D. 581 - 618)
T'ang Dynasty (A.D. 618 - 907)
Five Dynasties Period (A.D. 907 - 960)

Northern Sung Dynasty (A.D. 960 - 1127)
Southern Sung Dynasty (A.D. 1127 - 1279)
Yuan Dynasty (A.D. 1279 - 1368)
Ming Dynasty (A.D. 1368 - 1644)
Ch'ing Dynasty (A.D. 1644 - 1911)
Republic of China ( A.D. 1912 - Present)        

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