The Lord's Table of Third Millennium

Ms. Ferraz has been the recipient of a number f awards for her work, including the Colonistas Award from the Agencia Teorema Propaganda in 1979 for her illustrations; the Salmo de Miniquadro award from the Museum of Contemporary Art in 1985 for lithograph; the Venezuela Travel Award from X Curitiba-Arte in 1994; and the 1994 Otto William Niessel Award from Psalm XX of Jacarezinho.

Ms. Feraz has produced a video for art students of Tuiuti University as well as a monograph for the art students of the Federal University of Parana.  She has received mentions in various art publications in both Brazil and Argentina.


Corina Ferraz

The Lord's Table of Thrid Millennium
Acrylic on canvas
19.68" x 27.55"
Not for sale


Corina Ferraz was born in Leme, Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 1948.  She has been painting since 1933 with more than 300 of her works having been sold in Brazil.  Her works are included in a number of private collections in Holland, France, United States, Italy, Greece, Argentina, Spain and Canada.

Ms. Ferraz began her studies in 1970 at the University of Fine Arts in Riberno Preto (UNAERP), Sao Paulo.  She transferred in 1971 to the University of Fine Arts in Curtiba (EMBAP), where she continued until 1973.

Ms. Ferraz's works have been exhibited in the Solar Gallery of the Rosary in 1995 and 1997, as well as in the Noris Gallery of Art in 1997, both of which are located in Curtiba, Parana, Brazil.

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