An Exhibition of Top Selections from National Catholic Reporter's Jesus 2000 Contest

Christ Awaiting Trial
Mark Mckelvie
Title: Christ Awaiting Trial
Oil on canvas

Jesus of the People
Janet Mckenzie
Title: Jesus of the People
Oil on canvas

White Throne of Judgment
Devi Anne Moore
Title: White Throne of Judgment
Mixed medium

Digital Collage
Sara Beth Morton
Title: Digital Collage
Digital collage

The Return of Christ: A Divine Revelation
Paul Parkman
Title: The Return of Christ: A Divine Revelation
Acrylic on canvas

The Taking of JC
Joseph Pisani
Title: The Taking of JC (Third Place)
Oil on canvas

The Light of Conscience
Jorge Alexandre Rodriques
Title: The Light of Conscience
Oil on canvas

Living Water
S. Graham Sargent
Title:Living Water (second rendition)
Acrylic on canvas

He Watching
David Coleman
Title: He Watching
Computer design

Paula Slovenkai
Title: Awakening

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